The most profitable way to acquire new customers

With over 40 million consumers on our database, Information Capital is a leading provider of qualified consumer leads in South Africa.

Creditworthy customer sourcing

We work closely with Credit bureaux and South Africa’s largest Marketing Analytics Company to provide you with the most potentially profitable new customers.

Our expertise in Credit bureaux processes enables us to remove the risk from the process of sourcing new customers, which can otherwise be a costly, time consuming process.

Instead, we maximise your return on investment by providing perfectly matched customer leads that have uncompromised purchasing potential.

We help you find the right customers by analysing your existing customer base to determine "best customer" profiles. Then we identify similar prospects from our database of over 40 million consumers.

Greater ROI


Information Capital has been accredited as a DMA Centre of Excellence by the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa. This guarantees that our data complies with the DMA Code of Ethics and all relevant laws governing the management and use of data.

By using us to source customer leads, you are assured of compliance with the latest legislation (Consumer Protection Act and the Personal Information Protection bill).